July 15-21, 2013



Alejandro Tapia y Rivera Theater, Fortaleza Street, Viejo San Juan San Juan, Puerto Rico

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XXV Congreso de la Asociación
Internacional de Arqueología del Caribe


The first congress on the Pre-Columbian civilizations of the Lesser Antilles was organized in 1961 in Fort de France under the auspices of the Société d'Histoire de la Martinique. The congress was a major event in Antillean archaeology, leading to the foundation of what later became the International Association for Caribbean Archaeology. The Association is the only organization fully representative of the community of Caribbean archaeologists. Every two years, since its foundation, it organizes the International Congress of Caribbean Archaeology, assembling approximately 200 specialists.

This year, the XXV Congress will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico from 15 to 20 July 2013. The headquarters will be the Tapia Theatre, located in Old San Juan.

The organizing committee invites researchers and the general public interested in archeology of the Caribbean to participate and submit proposals for papers at the conference program. 

Program (pdf)

History of the Association

The first IACA congress was held in Martinique in July 1961. The meeting was organized by Father Robert Pinchon, who for 15 years had carried out excavations on several Amerindian sites in Martinique.

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